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Program Fees
I value my time at OC because I love to learn in such a . . . non-judgmental way, where everyone's thoughts are valued.  Also, everyone is kind and helpful whenever you have a question.  
~ OC youth

Program Fees

We strive to provide our services to all interested families regardless of their financial position. At the same time, we seek to achieve financial sustainability. Program fee reduction through program/administrative support or through financial aid (from our Friendship Fund) is available to those families who demonstrate financial need. If you are interested in exploring barter options or financial assistance, please mark the appropriate check box on your registration form. 


For those who can pay full program fees, the rates are as follows: 

(per year unless otherwise noted)

  • Open Program is $3,850 per program day;

  • Group Tutorial I, II, and III Programs are $3,980 per day;
  • All Choice Programs are $3,980 per day;
  • Group Tutorial IV is a TWO-DAY program and is $7,860. GT IV meets Tuesdays and Thursdays;
  • Shaping Your Life is a TWO-DAY program and is $9,250. SYL meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays and runs until 4pm.


For example, attending the Open Program two days a week from September to June costs $7,520 ($3,810 per program day minus our multiple program discount of $100 per additional program day).


All program fees include materials and supplies. A deposit of 10% of the program fee is due at the time of registration. The deposit is fully applied to the program fee and is non-refundable


To all parents, we thank you for your interest and appreciate your part in building this community of self-directed learners.