Open Connections

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Welcome to Open Connections

Many people express to us what a difference a visit to our campus made in helping them understand what Open Connections is all about. Come visit our 28-acre campus and see young people who ENJOY learning!

Scroll through our Virtual Tour to get a taste of what you will see when you come to visit!

  • SYL lab
  • choice I lab
  • lab
  • lab discussion
  • SYL crystal
  • GT4 lab
  • SYL lab
  • GT4 science lab
  • GT4 science lab
  • Choice III lab
  • SYL science lab
  • ch 2 superheroes emma attempts to get used to the smell as she and seda dissect cow eyes during choice 2 superheroes
Science Lab

Exploring science in depth

Our Science Lab is well stocked with many tools for scientific exploration and also includes a MakerBot 3D printer.

  • pond explorations OP
  • Tire Swing Environment from canoe
  • OP sandpit water project
  • Diving into the sand/water pit, OP
  • blacktop and slacklines
  • blacktop game
  • GT1 spider web youth
  • climbing wall GT4
  • Lower Pond
  • creek explorations
  • writing by the stream
  • Creek Bridge youth
  • woods walk youth GT2 Gt3
  • Aurelia on slidding rock GT2 gt3
  • GT 2/3 outside
  • Susan's Gardens Picnic Area
  • mini theater gt2
  • gt2 outdoor theater
  • Barn - window face snowy
  • youth snow
  • sledding
  • GT4 sled dog race
  • gt2 gt3 mandala
  • upper pond gt2 gt3 mandala
Ponds and Outdoor Areas

Ecological laboratory in action!

OC's 28-acre property offers a wealth of areas for exploration of the natural world. There are two ponds, woods, a blacktop area, a sand-pit with water pump, Tire-Swing Environment, a sledding hill, an outdoor mini-theater, and more.

  • op space 2
  • OP reading area
  • OP Gathering with you
  • op space 4
  • op art area
  • op woodshop
  • OP Environment
  • OP sewing
  • Sandtable OP youth
  • Henry balloons op
  • OP clay youth
  • OP writing table
  • OP lock-kit wall
  • OP job chart
  • op cubbies
  • op coat hooks
  • OP map of youth
  • op eating area
  • OP foyer parents
  • Barn - window face
  • op youth running
  • climbing wall
  • op fire building
  • Chicken
Open Program space

A space full of materials to nurture all aspects of early learning.

The Open Program, for 4- to 8-year- olds, is a magical place. There are many different areas, rich with materials and manipulatives that foster a youth's natural curiosity.

  • woodshop
  • Choice I woodshop
  • woodshop youth
  • Woodshop - tool wall
  • woodshop youth drilling
  • OP woodshop
  • woodshop project youth
  • Woodshop Project

Real Tools and Real Projects

The OC Woodshop is a place where projects are only limited by imagination and time!

  • tire swing with riders
  • tire swing environ lower side
  • tire swing environ
  • Tire Swing Environ. & Climbing Wall
  • Environment OP youth
  • Tire swing environment with OP
  • Tire Swing - McNichol shooting baskets
  • Tire Swing Environment
Tire Swing Environment

Designed by youth. Built by youth. Enjoyed by youth.

This Outdoor Environment embodies OC's belief in Real Work opportunities for learning. It was designed by youth during a Choice Program offering. Youth were involved in building it, and now youth play in it, on it and around it daily.

  • gt4, upstairs blue
  • fh up blue environ
  • Pre-OP sewing room
  • Sewing Room
  • Digital room
  • GT2 Gt3 FH kitchen
  • Green Tutorial GT1
  • GT2 Cash, Abby, Kelly Do.
  • Slate Room, Gt2
  • gt2 Peer Facilitation
  • gt2 gt3 downstairs blue
  • GT3 youth project
  • clay studio youth GT1
  • GT1 ceramics studio youth
  • SYL mask making
  • Adam and Sarah
  • Loft
  • Loft
Program Spaces

Learning happens everywhere.

Our Program Spaces have tables and chairs for focused work and open areas with sofas for collaborative activities and discussions.

  • grounds barn entrance
  • gathering toddler area 2
  • Toddler Area with youth
  • gathering couches
  • gathering space mailboxes
  • gathering space parents 2
  • Gathering Space with people
  • Gathering Space
  • gathering space kitchen
  • gathering space 1
  • Parent Resource Library
  • Family bulletin board
  • Map of OC families
  • SYL science lab
  • Barn and Black top
The Barn

Where the magic happens

Our 1840s timber frame barn was rebuilt here on the OC property in 2006. The Barn houses program spaces for our Open Program (4-8 years) and our Shaping Your Life Program (15-18 years) and the Science Lab. The Barn is also the hub of our community with the Gathering Space at the center. Here you will find the Family Mailboxes, the Parent Resource Library and the Toddler Space, as well as a kitchen for all to use.