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Open Connections provides consultative services for all families interested in exploring alternatives to conventional schooling. Over the years we have consulted with several hundred families representing young people from four to eighteen years old. Many have been in school (public and private), sometimes successfully, sometimes not.  Teens who are unhappy with school, for whatever reason, have found these sessions especially rewarding.  Consultations also benefit parents considering the option of home education approach rather than starting youth in school (in the first place.)

In all cases, we get to know each individual family – their goals, values, personal preferences, resources – and help them to think through their options in order to design a plan that will address their specific considerations. Consultations are scheduled by appointment and may include some diagnostic work if it is requested. Parents always leave with specific “next steps” that will help them achieve their purposes. Sessions run about two hours and cost $150. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.