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Evaluations and Testing



Families registered with their school district as providing a Home Education program are required by law to arrange for an annual evaluation with a PA-certified teacher or licensed school or clinical psychologist.  Open Connections provides this service for interested families.  Please contact Margaret in the office for details.


Similarly, the law requires parents to submit standardized test scores for young people in the 3rd, 5th and 8th grades.  Open Connections offers a half-day “test prep” in the early spring in order to familiarize both parents and youths with what to expect if they take their test at OC, including a chance to practice and ask questions about both the process and the content of such tests.  We have found these preparatory experiences to be incredibly helpful in reducing anxiety levels and in providing insight into which areas, if any, a family might wish to practice some more on their own.  The fee for the test prep experience is $50.

We administer the actual tests in early June in a relaxed manner that allows for young people to fulfill the requirement in a comfortable setting.  The fee for testing is also $50.