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OC Family Events


These events are specifically for Open Connections families.  OC families are also invited to all  public workshops.

The dates for all the public and private events are available on the Family Calendar

Open Campus Fridays

New this year. We will open up our campus on four different Fridays for the community to share special interests, conduct workshops, play games and enjoy each other's compnay. These community-directed days embody many of the OC principles by allowing the community to create and collaborate on offerings for the benfit of all.

Open Mic and Cafe

Our Open Mic and Cafe will showcase the diverse musical talent and culinary skills of the OC community. Over the course of the night, youth and adults can take a seat and enjoy the performances, contribute to the evening's entertainment, strike up a conversation, and indulge in a delicious dinner and goodies.

OC Film Festival

Our newest community event will be held in the winter and feature short films created by OC youth and a few thought-provoking educational clips. An awards ceremony, OC style, may even find its way into the evening, providing all who attend a chance to participate in the fun.         

OC Potluck and Dance Party 

Families gather in the spring for an evening of delicious food, engaging conversation and energetic dancing. This is an all-ages event. Families are invited to bring a dish to share with the community.

Parents' Meetings

These are evening gatherings that are meant to be supportive of everyone’s effort to be the best parent each of us can be: to learn from one another, to learn from invited speakers, and to build a sense of community around our shared values. Previous topics have included "How to Support Reading, Writing and Math in a Natural Learning Environment".