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How to Apply


Families interested in exploring OC programs for their young people are asked to call (610.459.3366) or email us: for an appointment.

Individuals interested in our other services - workshops, consultations, testing, seminars, presentations -- are asked to contact us as well in order to make a reservation.

The appointment will provide you and us with an opportunity to see how/if OC’s programs might enhance your youth’s education plan.  We’ll also discuss the full range of services that come along with the registration of young people in any of our offerings.

Enrollment is secured with the completion of a simple registration form and a deposit of $350 for each full-day program selected and $150 for Theater and all after-program programs.  These deposits are fully applied to tuition and are non-refundable.

Payment plans for the balance of tuition can be selected at the time of registration. Tuitions may be reduced through program/administrative support, bartering and/or financial aid from our Friendship Fund. The Friendship Fund is available to those who qualify for financial assistance.

We do not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, color, ethnicity or sexual orientation.