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This OC Blog features articles from our quarterly OC Magazine.  Articles cover a variety of topics inspired by the different programs that we offer at OC. You will also find Peter's Podium written by Peter Bergson, OC Co-Founder, who explores broader philosophical topics related to Open Education.


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Peter's Podium - Spring 2018

Peter Bergson, Co-founder, Board of Directors

I have always been interested in the way that understanding has come to me in layers. One experience after another— reading a passage in a book; or hearing a phrase spoken in a lecture or on a radio...



Let 'Em!

Kelly Dillon, Program Coordinator (ages 7-12), Choice Co-coordinator, Facilitator

Self Direction + Real, Puposeful, Multi-Step Work = Fantastic Recipe for a True Sense of Accomplishment.   Here at Open Connections it is liberating, for young people and Facilitators alike, to...



The Spark of Curiosity

Amy Hertzog, Facilitator

Curiosity. I think back and I remember the feeling of being curious as a child. But somewhere along the way into my adulthood, I began to ignore that tug of curiosity, whispering to me from time to...



The Midden Project: From Digging to Display, Real Work, Collaboration and Applied Academics in Group Tutorial IV

Kelly Dowd, Facilitator, Evaluator

A midden is a refuse heap, a collection of unwanted, broken items tossed in a pile and left to crumble further, forgotten by their owners. A midden is also a hidden treasure cache, filled with clues...



Creating New Opportunities to Develop Writing as a Part of Natural Learning

Jody Fitts, Facilitator

Moving into the Group Tutorial I programs, youth continue to develop their various skills around written communication. In recent years, writing has primarily centered around letters of appreciation...



The Value of Partnership Education at OC

Cindy Pizziketti, Choice Program Co-coordinator, Facilitator

One of the things that I found frustrating in public school was that when we returned from summer vacation, we did not start right back where we left off the previous June. In math especially, we...

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