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The OC Process


At the Open Connections Village—our education center near Newtown Square, Pennsylvania—we engage a wide variety of techniques to ensure that young people have the freedom to learn and create. 

  • Avoidance of questions with hidden agendas
  • Emphasis on Real Work versus make-work
  • Reliance on experiential, hands-on learning
  • Development of Process Consciousness (how a process impacts on the quality of content/output, for better and for worse)
  • Treatment of all people as colleagues (minus the struggles of hierarchies)
  • Celebration of each other’s growth
  • Offer of developmentally appropriate opportunities for young people to contribute to the growth of Open Connections
  • Encouragement of the use of imagination and wishfulness as components of Flexible Thinking
  • Emphasis on collaboration and synergy (vs. competition and negativity)
  • Treatment of adversity as opportunity
  • Finding the resources to achieve goals

For additional information about our process,  we invite you to review the literature in Core Resources and register to take a tour. We also have a comprehensive list of resource recommendations to support our parents in activities with their youth.