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Physically located near Newtown Square on an old farmhouse property with 28 acres of land, Open Connections serves families who have chosen to create their own path for education and development. (Visit Approach to learn more about our philosophy and approach.)

For the youth (2-18 yrs old), we provide full day programs that meet weekly. Most of the 140 young people who come to OC attend two days a week. Each program reflects the value of natural learning, teamwork, flexible thinking, self-motivation and mentoring with Real Work/Real Tools. Peers, parents and OC staff collaborate to help each young person develop the capacity to find and follow his/her passions across the spectrum of multiple intelligences. The goal is lifelong personal growth for all.    (Visit Program Offerings to learn more.)

For OC families, we provide special events, parent support groups, quarterly parent meetings,  a lounge to meet with other parents (as well as any infants and toddlers in tow), an e-mail listserv discussion group, and lots of resources in our lending library.  (Visit ResourcesEvents and Services to learn more.)

For the general public, we provide one hour information sessions about OC philosophy, programs, values and community, free introductory seminars on homeschooling/unschooling. workshops for parents and private consultations for families. (Visit  ResourcesEvents and Services to learn more.)