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Each program at Open Connections has its own tuition, whether it’s a full-day program (as most are) or part-day.

The two main purposes of our tuition structure are:

  • to make OC accessible for families of all income levels
  • to bring in sufficient money to cover most of OC’s operating costs. (Our Annual Giving Drive and fees for other services and products strive to bring in the balance.)

Tuitions for the 2013-14 OC year will be as follows:

  • Full-day programs: $3,350 per program per year. 
  • Shaping Your Life programs: $3700 per program per year
  • After-Program Programs range from $500 to $590 if accompanied
    by a full-day program.

There are several ways that Full-day program tuitions can be reduced:

  1. Program/Administrative Support
  2. Additional Bartering
  3. Friendship Fund

Program/Administrative Support
There is the potential for an initial tuition reduction of between $300 and $600 for what we call Program/Administrative Support.  This barter option involves supporting the OC community in any of a number of ways, such as helping with office work, providing housekeeping services, supplying materials, assisting with landscaping, etc.
Additional Bartering
There can be an additional, negotiated deduction for families who wish to barter for an even larger percentage of their tuition.  This more significant form of bartering usually involves some way of reducing OC’s operating costs.  For example, making electrical or plumbing repairs, providing building construction or maintenance services, assisting with substantial fundraising, serving as a Parent Resourcer (a trained helper) under the tutelage of the Lead Facilitator of an OC program or maintaining the OC website are all ways in which parents are currently benefiting from this option.

Friendship Fund
The OC Friendship Fund is available to those families who demonstrate financial need beyond their ability to barter.  As with all such financial arrangements, after the pre-registration meeting, if you are interested in exploring options requiring assistance from the Friendship Fund, then please contact our Sustainability Coordinator, Rick Sleutaris.  The process will begin with a conversation between your family and Open Connections with the ultimate goal of finding a solution that meets your family’s financial requirements as well as Open Connections’ need for financial sustainability.

A Final Word on Tuition:

Of course we need to assure the financial sustainability of OC, which means taking in enough money to pay all of our bills.  At the same time, we are truly committed to creating an economically diverse community.  Therefore, we encourage ALL interested families to contact us in order to see if OC will fit your family's need.