Open Connections

  • Staff 2016-2017

Mac Snead


Mac is and OC Graduate and a Facilitator in Group Tutorial III on Tuesdays Group Tutorials II and III on Thursdays as well as a Visiting Artist in Shaping Your Life on Thursdays. Mac joined the OC Staff in 2017.


Mac is an OC alum from Phoenixville, PA. Although he grew most experienced in writing stories while earning a B.A. in writing at Ithaca College, he began his daydreaming practice at a young age, absentmindedly wandering his backyard and OC’s campus. Since then he has worked part time editing jobs at Thomson Reuters, and gained experience working with young people at Facetime Theatre summer camps. What excites Mac most about working at Open Connections is getting the chance to stimulate young imaginations with the same philosophies he was raised with. 


 During his free time, Mac enjoys taking in the outdoors, acting, traveling, and playing decent enough piano. He is also turning all that daydreaming into a novel in collaboration with his OC alum twin brother.