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Why Traditional Educational Families Choose Open Connections


  • They value nurturing curiosity over rote memorization and testing
  • They recognize that problem solving, collaboration and non-linear thinking skills will be an asset to their child in the future
  • The (over) structure and mandatory nature of traditional school is damaging their young person’s zest for learning and taking away from valuable family time
  • They feel more secure and supported because they have the assistance of an organization that has extensive experience working in the field of progressive education
  • They want their young person to feel valued and appreciated as an individual
  • They desire to belong to a supportive and collaborative community
  • They prefer to have more flexibility in their young person’s education for travel/internships and to explore their young person’s passions and interests
  • They want to have access to resources and facilities that public and private schools have without the requirements of public schools or the high cost of full-time private schools (i.e. 28 acres of woods, math and science laboratory space, art studio, computer lab, etc.)
  • They value having a physical location where young people can be with their peers, and caring, nurturing adults to gain exposure to stimulating, hands-on activities designed to nurture true conceptual development