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Teen Perspectives on OC Philosophy - Collaboration

Teen Perspectives on OC Philosophy

Originally Published in the Summer 2021 issue of the Open Connections Magazine

(This article will be spread over bi-weekly blog posts throughout June, July and August with a different bit of philosophy each time.)


The years spent at Open Connections are an incredible time of metamorphosis, of gradual transitioning from early childhood to young adulthood. Our community is privileged to be able to observe youth undergo this change over the years we spend together and we see core OC concepts and values wind up as integral parts of their fully realized young adult selves. We asked the members of our teens in Group Tutorial IV (GTIV) and Shaping Your Life (SYL) to reflect on how the OC philosophy has helped them develop the perspectives through which they experience the world. We hope you enjoy seeing the value of Open Connections through their eyes.


This time we hear about:



by Aminah, Group Tutorial IV


Last year in GTIV we built an escape room. It was a project that took about 6 weeks to complete and was presented to the rest of the OC community on a Community Day where people could participate. We had to discuss the theme of the escape room, what clues to do, and how we could make them. We decided to make the theme about “a museum heist”, and then come up with clues to fit the theme. That took about a week and a lot of talking, brainstorming, and figuring out how to execute our ideas. We then had to make our clues using the different resources from OC, like the Art Studio and Makerspace. The clue I was working on involved making a paper mache sculpture to hide a key in. I also helped on making some paintings for the room for another clue and some just for decoration, and I had help from others putting the paper mache on the sculptures. I enjoyed this project and how it made us think and collaborate in our own mini-groups as well as on the bigger picture of making an escape room with other people.  

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