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Teen Perspectives on OC Philosophy - Appreciations


Teen Perspectives on OC Philosophy

Originally Published in the Summer 2021 issue of the Open Connections Magazine


The years spent at Open Connections are an incredible time of metamorphosis, of gradual transitioning from early childhood to young adulthood. Our community is privileged to be able to observe youth undergo this change over the years we spend together and we see core OC concepts and values wind up as integral parts of their fully realized young adult selves. We asked the members of our teens in Group Tutorial IV (GTIV) and Shaping Your Life (SYL) to reflect on how the OC philosophy has helped them develop the perspectives through which they experience the world. We hope you enjoy seeing the value of Open Connections through their eyes.


This time we hear about:



by Norah, Group Tutorial IV


OC has included appreciations during programs for as long as I can remember. It has definitely affected my thinking and attitude during certain situations so that I can hold them in a more positive light. For example, I think appreciations have affected my work life in a great way! Even after having a rough or long day at work, I try thinking about things I appreciated during the day. Whether it is seeing someone I know outside of work come in and I get to talk to them, or a customer that I always enjoy seeing coming in, appreciations have helped me realize not everyone is having a great day. I try to think about that when a rude customer comes in. I try to be as nice and pleasant as possible and hopefully I can lighten their day and be something they appreciated during their day. OC has always taught things that youth can carry with them forever and appreciations are something that will forever live in my heart!


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