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Teen Perspectives on OC Philosophy - Open Education


Teen Perspectives on OC Philosophy

Originally Published in the Summer 2021 issue of the Open Connections Magazine


The years spent at Open Connections are an incredible time of metamorphosis, of gradual transitioning from early childhood to young adulthood. Our community is privileged to be able to observe youth undergo this change over the years we spend together and we see core OC concepts and values wind up as integral parts of their fully realized young adult selves. We asked the members of our teens in Group Tutorial IV (GTIV) and Shaping Your Life (SYL) to reflect on how the OC philosophy has helped them develop the perspectives through which they experience the world. We hope you enjoy seeing the value of Open Connections through their eyes.


This time we hear about:


Open Education

by Ella, Group Tutorial IV


I have been a youth at OC since I was 5; I’ve practically grown up here. I’m almost 16 now, and I love how learning is open and flexible. I’ve never attended traditional school, but from what I know about it, I think OC’s approach to learning is much more valuable to me as an individual. Throughout the years OC has offered a place for me to laugh and learn in a welcoming and flexible environment. I am very interested in drawing, and feel I’m encouraged to follow my interests and incorporate them into the projects we do, such as the Comprehensive Project in GTIV. I really appreciate learning in a space that lets me embrace my interests, and find new ways to learn while also pushing me out of my comfort zone. My time here has allowed me to practice critical thinking, open mindedness, kindness, and so much more. 



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