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PROSPECTIVE FAMILIES: Open Connections continues to be open, virtually. We recognize that springtime is often when prospective families tour the OC campus and come for an in-person interview. While our physical campus is closed for the time being, we ARE continuing to conduct interviews via Zoom or FaceTime. If you are considering enrollment for Fall 2020, we encourage you to take advantage of this option! To learn more about setting up a virtual interview, please click the "Inquire" link. We look forward to “meeting” you and showing you all that OC has to offer. Thank you for your interest in Open Connections! CURRENT FAMILIES: Please check your email for the kick-off schedule for distance learning!

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OC Blog

This OC Blog features articles from our quarterly OC Magazine.  Articles cover a variety of topics inspired by the different programs that we offer at OC. You will also find Peter's Podium written by Peter Bergson, OC Co-Founder, who explores broader philosophical topics related to Open Education.


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Peter's Podium: Is the Needle Finally Beginning to Move?


Originally published in the OC Magazine, Summer 2019   I once took a workshop (c.1983) on infant-toddler education from Burton White, author of The First Three Years of Life and creator of...



Fusion: Integrating New Members and New Experiences into the Shaping Your Life Program

By Lucy Tyson, Sue Wenger and Mike Hilbert, Facilitators  We can all relate to being new: new to the lunchroom, new to the team, new to the community. Apart from the few legacy members, we were all...



Peter's Podium: For the Love of Grandparents


For the past few years my daughter Amanda has been celebrating Christmas and the birthdays of her six nieces and nephews by giving them the gift of her presence in addition to more traditional...



Precision Thinking, the Complimentary Partner to Flexible Thinking

Kelly Dowd, Facilitator, Evaluator

Precision Thinking, the Complimentary Partner to Flexible Thinking  It is crucial that young people have opportunities to engage in both Flexible Thinking and Precision Thinking because life takes...



Finding Your Many Voices in Group Tutorial III


Finding Your Many Voices in Group Tutorial III  The celebration and nurturing of the individual is one of my favorite values here at Open Connections. It’s a value I feel is sometimes overshadowed...



Community Building in Action: The Role of Service in Group Tutorial II

Amy Hertzog, Facilitator

Community Building in Action: The Role of Service in Group Tutorial II  Service. Volunteering. Giving back to the community. Merriam Webster defines service as “a helpful act.” According to the...

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