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This OC Blog features articles from our quarterly OC Magazine.  Articles cover a variety of topics inspired by the different programs that we offer at OC. You will also find Peter's Podium written by Peter Bergson, OC Co-Founder, who explores broader philosophical topics related to Open Education.


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How the Dinner Theater Came to Be and What We Learned

It is a tradition in the Shaping Your Life program to have one of the fundraisers for our group-planned trip in the form of a dinner event for the OC community. For the first number of years, the...



Peter's Podium - Spring 2018

Peter Bergson, Co-founder, Board of Directors

I have always been interested in the way that understanding has come to me in layers. One experience after another— reading a passage in a book; or hearing a phrase spoken in a lecture or on a radio...



Let 'Em!

Kelly Dillon, Program Coordinator (ages 7-12), Choice Co-coordinator, Facilitator

Self Direction + Real, Puposeful, Multi-Step Work = Fantastic Recipe for a True Sense of Accomplishment.   Here at Open Connections it is liberating, for young people and Facilitators alike, to...



The Spark of Curiosity

Amy Hertzog, Facilitator

Curiosity. I think back and I remember the feeling of being curious as a child. But somewhere along the way into my adulthood, I began to ignore that tug of curiosity, whispering to me from time to...



The Midden Project: From Digging to Display, Real Work, Collaboration and Applied Academics in Group Tutorial IV

Kelly Dowd, Facilitator, Evaluator

A midden is a refuse heap, a collection of unwanted, broken items tossed in a pile and left to crumble further, forgotten by their owners. A midden is also a hidden treasure cache, filled with clues...



Creating New Opportunities to Develop Writing as a Part of Natural Learning

Jody Fitts, Facilitator

Moving into the Group Tutorial I programs, youth continue to develop their various skills around written communication. In recent years, writing has primarily centered around letters of appreciation...

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