Open Connections

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All programs at Open Connections have vertical age-groupings. The ages listed for each program aid in guiding Facilitators, parents and youth in selecting the program(s) that will best fit each youth—socially, developmentally and academically. The ages listed serve as a starting point for a broader conversation, which will take into account each youth’s current needs. At times, it may make sense for an eight-year-old to continue in the Open Program for another year before moving on to a Group or Choice. Similarly, an eleven-year-old may continue to be in Group II (vs. III) to have the opportunity to further develop certain skill sets in an environment where he or she can grow into a leadership role.    

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We repeatedly hear from alumni and current families that they greatly value the following aspects of Open Connections: 

  • Our philosophy, in particular what we refer to as Process Consciousness. The positive impact a family experiences when their youth joins the OC community is not just felt by the youth, but also by the family at large. 
  • Our exceptionally dedicated staff members. Our staff truly cares about each young person and work diligently to ensure that a positive OC experience is had by all. Conscious effort is put into creating meaningful and lasting connections with each youth. 
  • Our incredibly low youth/Facilitator ratios that enable ample one-to-one interactions. 
  • The pro-social environment that is cultivated and nurtured among all community members. OC is a place where both ideas and people are respected, valued and heard. 


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I like that you don't have different subjects like Math and Science; instead you have different activities where you learn a variety of things.
~OC youth