Open Connections

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Opportunities to Give

Opportunities to give come in different forms.


If you would like to enhance and extend the work of Open Connections--such as making it possible for more low and moderate income families to attend our programs, or by enriching our environment with donations of equipment or supplies to be used by our young people--we would be most happy to hear from you.


There are specific ways already set up to receive your support.  Please

feel free to make you choice(s) from the list below, or you may contact us at or by calling 610-459-3366.  We will be happy to answer any of your questions and thank you, in advance, for your desire to help.


Wish List       

We are always in need of:

  • Wood for Woodshop (soft wood like pine is particularly useful)
  • Old or new hardware (knobs, hinges, handles) for both Woodshops.
  • Mechanical items to take apart (think bathroom scales, engines, typewriters)
  • Legos
  • 1/4” thick plastic (Lucite) sheets


Items can be brought to the Office at Open Connections.  Thank you for keeping us in mind when you are cleaning out!

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Pathways to Giving

Financial Funds Explained:

  • Annual Giving Fund:
    • General Operating Expenses: help pay the bills (electricity, salaries, program materials, etc) **
    • Financial Aid: helps pay program fees for individual families for the upcoming program year.
  • Sustainability Fund: helps pay program fees for individual families in future years. We are in the process of building a $3 Million fund of investments which will feed the Financial Aid Fund annually from its generated interest.


Ways to Donate:


  • Sustaining Supporters: Become a Sustaining Supporter and have your donation automatically processed monthly, semi-annually, annually (click here to Donate Online  and become a Sustaining Supporter).
  • Corporate Matching Gifts: Please check with your employer to see if your donation can be doubled through their matching gifts program.
  • Planned Giving: If you would like to include us in your will, please contact us to discuss it.


If you wish to send your contribution through the postal service please address your contribution to Open Connections, Inc., 1616 Delchester Road, Newtown Square, PA, 19073. 


If you have any questions or would like to have a conversation about how best to support OC, please contact our Development Committee, at or by calling 610-459-3366 to leave a message.  Thank you, in advance, for your desire to help!

November 2021


Dear Friends,


Creating connections. Sparking curiosity. Inspiring lifelong learning.


At Open Connections, we are looking towards tomorrow, and also remembering our roots. Our roots are in: the trust of young people, the belief in natural learning, and the wish to inspire people to go forth and live full of purpose and fulfillment. Every year, we will continue to renew our commitment to these roots and continue to provide families with a place to send their young people to flourish.


We remain dedicated to providing this model of learning and the authentic, supportive community to as many families as possible. When you give to our Annual Fund, you are directly increasing the impact and reach of Open Connections. You are a part of something bigger, keeping the flame of curiosity alive. When a young person first climbs up in an Environment, jumps into the giant sand pit, builds a Lego® robot, makes their first film, forms a lifelong bond with someone, or discovers a new passion, you have helped to make that magic a reality. We keep our youth to facilitator ratios low, and our investment in lifelong learning high. Your financial contribution to Open Connections goes a long way. We have over 45 years of wisely stewarding the organization to a place of sustainability, and can focus on creating connections, increasing joy, and maximizing real and meaningful learning.


Haven’t been on campus for a while? We would love it if you could visit us at one of our upcoming events! Stay tuned on our website, your inbox, in our magazine and on social media for upcoming events. In the meantime, we encourage you to explore those places to see what has been happening on campus and with our community. We want to share our love of learning, play, and connections with you. We want you to see the joy in the eyes of the young people as they experience things for the first time and to hear the thrill in the exclamations as they have a breakthrough discovery. The laughter that rings off the walls in the Barn and the Farmhouse is contagious and it fuels everything we do here. These magical moments are why we remain committed to making Open Connections thrive through change and grow with intention. We invite you to connect with us in a way that is meaningful for you, and we thank you for your valuable contributions to our community.


Here are some ways to create connections with us:

  • Virtually:
    • Social Media, including OC Alumni Connections Facebook group
    • Website:
  • Financially:
    • Donate online
    • Or mail a check to: Open Connections, 1616 Delchester Road, Newtown Square, PA 19073
  • In-Person - call or email me to set up a time to come visit campus!


Thank you for your commitment to this model of learning that has empowered those who have journeyed through Open Connections to live their lives full of purpose and fulfillment, we are thankful for you.


Creating connections and staying grateful,


Sarah Becker

Assistant Director, Facilitator, Development Committee, Current Parent; 610-459-3366


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At OC, people really care about each other; in fact, at the beginning of each day, we have a gathering called Check-in where we hear about everyone’s week. At the end of the OC day, we have Appreciations, where we talk about things that we liked about our time at OC that day. OC is a place that not only values personal experiences, but also sharing them with others. It generates a very open and honest environment where people feel that they can talk about themselves.  ~ OC Teen