Open Connections

With community comes support, happiness, friends and encouragement.

, OC Teen


OC Teen

The worth of this place (OC) is very difficult to put into words.


For the entirety of my public school experience I dreaded school, wished for it to end, and certainly did not enjoy it. In fact, I disliked it enough to convince my parents to let me try homeschooling [including attending OC]. And now I've . . . noticed something. I'm coming home smiling.


Creating an educational environment that the youth actually enjoy going to is a very difficult task. In these past few years [since I started here], Open Connections has been a constant source of support for me, educationally, mentally, emotionally; pretty much in any way possible. With Open Connections comes a family-like atmosphere, one which we have appropriately dubbed "community." With community come support, happiness, friends and encouragement.