Open Connections

OC brings out the best in my youth.

, OC Parent


OC Parent

OC provides a space that encourages my children to be themselves and allows them to express their opinions in an accepting and safe environment. It is through the sense of community that OC provides that I have realized that there are others like us, families who are looking for something better for our children than what is being offered in most learning environments.


We have homeschooled in six different states and had to leave OC for a year due to a job transfer. We tried several other alternative learning programs but could never find one that I felt brought out the best that my kids have to offer. We now make a long distance trip (3 hours) so that our children can attend OC. When I see how happy and relaxed my children are when they are there I know that it is worth every mile! There is no place like OC! Thank you for all that you do.


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