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[At OC] every single person is kind, caring, and accepting of every single member of the community.

, 2020 OC Graduate


2020 OC Graduate


Interviewed May 2020


When did you start at OC?

I started at OC on November 15, 2018.


What’s one of your earliest OC memories?

My earliest OC memory is from my second day at OC when Shaping Your Life visited Thorncroft [for community service], and halfway through the day, we got snowed in. It was a strange experience because I was still brand new, and it felt weird to be stuck at a farm with all these new people.


What’s your FAVORITE OC memory?

I would say it would have to be the play from earlier this year. The amount of time and hard work we put into it truly paid off. It was great to see how many people came out to see it, and it was also great to see the amount of laughter and enjoyment that came from it.


What’s something that distinguishes OC from other communities or learning environments?

Coming from someone who spent the majority of his schooling experience in public school, at OC, you are not just a face in the crowd, you are an individual, and a member of the community. It was so easy to come out of my shell at OC, because I know for a fact that every single person is kind, caring, and accepting of every single member of the community. The OC community truly feels like my second family, and there’s no more I could have hoped for from OC.


What will you miss most about OC?

The people. I will miss arriving every morning and seeing the dozens of children playing, the teens having conversations and laughing, the facilitators greeting everyone and getting ready for the day ahead of them, and the parents catching up with one another and waving goodbye to their children. I will miss being around all these different people, and I will miss the feeling of being at home during my time at OC.

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