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...everyone is excited to be [at OC] and wants to learn.

, 2020 OC Graduate


2020 OC Graduate



What year did you start at OC?  

In 2007 when I was 5 years old.


What’s one of your earliest OC memories?

My first memories are from before the Barn was finished.  I remember my first year in OP (Open Program),  it was in one of the Blue Tutorials in the Farmhouse. I remember playing imaginary games in the inside Environment. Here is a quote that the Facilitators captured from my days in OP:

“I hate days off, because OC is the best place in the universe.”


What’s your FAVORITE OC memory?

I think my favorite memory has to be the SYL trips. They are a lot of fun and I really enjoy everything about them. They really help the group bond. The trip is always a treat at the end of the year after all the hard work of planning and getting ready for it.


What’s something that distinguishes OC from other communities or learning environments

The passion for learning of both youth and Facilitators. Overall of my years at OC, I have been aware that everyone is excited to be there and wants to learn. I appreciate that OC creates an environment where everyone is equal. An aspect of OC that I believe sets it apart are Word Presents. They are so important because they teach us to see the good in everyone and we all benefit from receiving kind words from our peers. OC gives us Life Skills, ones that will benefit us in the long run. 


What will you miss most about OC?

There are many things that I will miss about OC. I will miss all of the Facilitators and especially Mike - Mike’s dedication to SYL and everyone in it is incredible. Especially with Covid19 – the Facilitators have been working so incredibly hard because they really care about us and want to succeed.  I'll miss my friends in SYL and everyone who works hard to make OC as amazing as it is. The people at OC feel like my family, and I'll really miss being with them every week. Thankfully, I know that the support and kindness that I get from them will last forever. Even though I’m headed to CA for college, I know that this will not be the end of my connection to the OC community. I look forward to visiting OC often as an alumna. 

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