Open Connections

OC helped me open up a lot.

, 2020 OC Graduate


2020 OC Graduate


Interviewed May 2020


What year did you start at OC?

I started OC in the autumn of 2014.


What’s one of your earliest OC memories?

My earliest OC memory was touring the campus and thinking I would rather stay at home. I'm very glad I didn't! OC helped me open up a lot.


What’s your FAVORITE OC memory?

It's hard to keep track of my favorite OC memory because there are so many. Right now I think it is the Shaping Your Life field trip to New York. Specifically towards the end of the trip when we went to a baseball game in Yankee Stadium. I don't remember anything about the game because I was having too much fun with my classmates talking and laughing. It was very cold so many of us had to take our arms out of our sleeves and put our knees in our jackets to keep warm in a little human ball.


What’s something that distinguishes OC from other communities or learning environments?

OC is distinguished from other communities by its ability to promote freedom. It is true that power needs responsibility, and freedom is a type of power. Letting young people have freedom to make their own decisions also helps them mature quicker and make the right choices. OC also tries to get people to be nicer to each other, which is also good.


What will you miss most about OC?

I'm gonna miss the OC environment to learn and hangout with people. Even though I've graduated I still think in the back of my mind “I should make that joke next Tuesday.” or “I should bring this topic up.”


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