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My favorite OC memory? Ever deciding to attend OC in the first place.

, 2020 OC Graduate


2020 OC Graduate


Interviewd May 2020


What year did you start at OC?



What’s one of your earliest OC memories?

My earliest OC memory is playing zombie tag with Shaping Your Life in the Russian Olives (I was in Group Tutorial IV), and coming back with my sweatpants absolutely covered in burs. It took days of picking them off at home to get them all off. My mom was surprised at how dirty I got from one group game, and from then on we took the idea that I will "ruin" my clothing at OC to heart. 


What’s your FAVORITE OC memory?

It's funny, because I was asked the same question for a questionnaire that Mike had sent out. I think it is truly impossible for me to pick just one. There's the mudder, the trip, the fundraisers, the group game, and all the countless times that I've spent outside of OC with my friends. My favorite OC memory? Ever deciding to attned OC in the first place. 


What’s something that distinguishes OC from other communities or learning environments?

Well the glaring distinction is that OC is a place for homeschoolers to meet and learn in a hands on environment. But I think the thing that distinguishes OC the most from any old place is that everyone there, no matter their age, ethnicity, sexuality, income level, or life experience are all like family to one another. And that is what I think is truly special about OC.


What will you miss most about OC?

I'll miss the people, my friends, the freedom, and the wonderful learning experiences that OC cultivates. I'll miss the campus, I'll miss group game. I'll miss the plays and independent project time. I'll miss it all.

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