Open Connections

[Our Facilitator] Susan believed that . . . our ideas mattered, no matter how big or small . . .

, OC Alum


OC Alum

Kyle returned to OC in 2015 to share his insights from college with the Shaping Your Life teens.

The one thing that reminds me of Susan [Shilcock, Co-Founder and Facilitator] is that it didn't matter how young we were or how we grew up, our ideas mattered.  Susan was always open to listening and giving realistic support on how to achieve our dreams, no matter how big or how small. Susan loved to throw us life lessons in the smallest of ways that challenged what we thought as human beings and inspired us to be open to change.  She inspired my love of creating and drawing.  This led to my love of fashion, which I am pursuing at Drexel University. Without Susan's support of me as a human being, I would not be able to challenge myself and grow as a designer.