Open Connections

I have no doubt that it is my experience at OC itself that stoked the flames of my . . . curiosity.

, OC Alumna


OC Alumna

To this day, when I talk about OC, I can not resist giving my listener a mini-monologue, rich in passionate detail.  I remember the openness and spontaneity of learning, contrasted with directed challenges and coordinated objectives.  What made this mash-up extraordinary, was that we, as the young learners, were validated in our role of architects in this process.  At OC, we were lucky enough to be respected as individuals capable of articulating and designing our own educations and learning from the community through this undertaking.  The combination of personal enrichment with collective goals fused together to generate a society of active and avid learners across all ages.  In this way, leadership in relation to one’s own learning fostered a collaborative mentality in which youth worked together in sweat-producing problems that we simply couldn’t get out of our heads.  Learning functioned because we legitimately wanted to discover and create.  After a day at OC, I’d sit with friends, review the day, and wish our next session the following week could be tomorrow instead.  Exercises we’d work on in programming tickled my intellect to such an extent that I would go home from a day at OC and want to research further.  I have no doubt that it is my experience at OC itself that stoked the flames of my itching curiosity, building a love of learning that provides the foundation for my current interactions in education and experience.  Nothing could have set me up better for university, adulthood, and integrated problem solving, than my experience at OC.