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OC is also special because we have so much voice in what we learn.

, 2020 OC Graduate


2020 OC Graduate


Interviewed May 2020


When did you start at OC?



What’s one of your earliest OC memories?

One of my earliest OC memories is when one of my peers brought her pet walking stick-bugs into the Open Program. We watched them all day and she taught us all about them. It was so random, but I was fascinated! 


What’s your FAVORITE OC memory?

It’s so hard to pick a favorite. I have a few. One of my recent favorites was when I came to the Thursday Group Tutorials II and III "Naturalist" campout and shared a tent with Hannah and Eva. We had a girls camping night and got to make dinner with the community over a bonfire. I also remember all of the OC events so fondly. I’ll always remember when I saw my best friends graduate, as well as singing up on stage with Anna and Evelyn at Pausing Ceremony.


What’s something that distinguishes OC from other communities or learning environments?

OC is different from other learning environments because we’re all a family and we choose what we learn. Everyone knows each person in the community and we’re all so close! OC is also special because we have so much voice in what we learn and how we learn it.


What will you miss most about OC?

I’ll definitely miss the friendships the most. I’ve been with some of my peers since we were 5, so they’re like siblings to me. The Facilitators are also so special. I’ll miss their kindness and effort to care for everyone.

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