Open Connections

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Sometimes the best way to learn about a place is through the words of those who have come before you.


Being able to explore what I was truly interested in at OC was important as I discovered both myself and—down the road—what I wanted to do as a career.

-Teaghan, Alumna


OC has introduced us to such a wide variety of ideas, experiences and people that we would have missed out on otherwise.

-Heather and Sam, OC Parents


Elric appreciates the OC facilitators being so open to suggestions and ideas from the group.

-Ros, Steve and Elric, OC Family


OC is a thoughtful place, with lots of freedom of expression and creativity, warm and welcoming, very helpful and just a wonderful, joyful place that I always look forward to going to.

-Garrett, Alum


[At OC] they appreciate how their voices are embraced and valued.

-Julie and Mike, OC Parents


The OC Facilitators are always available for resources and suggestions.

-Theresa, OC Parent
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