Open Connections

  • Labyrinth

Sometimes the best way to learn about a place is through the words of those who have come before you.


The more open I am, the more people share and the more opportunity we have to form a connection that in some small way contributes to peace.

-Cybele Cochran, OC Alumna


I see myself in many of the young people [today]. I feel like [OC] was a great learning environment for me and it has come so far.

-Catherine Haas, OC Alumna


[OC is a place] where explaining your thought process behind an idea is more important than your position on it.

-Tim, OC Teen


My confidence and social skills have skyrocketed.

-Sarah, OC Teen


With community comes support, happiness, friends and encouragement.

-Adam, OC Teen


OC's freedom to learn and create has changed my life.

-Anna, OC youth
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