Open Connections

  • Labyrinth

Sometimes the best way to learn about a place is through the words of those who have come before you.


EVERYTHING I have learned at OC will really help me in life.

-Hannah, OC youth


To be accepted and truly welcomed is a wonderful thing.

-Nancy, OC Parent


. . . heartfelt gratitude for your guidance, faith, trust, example, sweat, and courage to bring OC into existence . . .

-Jeff, OC Alumni Parent, Former Board Member


Walking into OC was like a breath of fresh air.

-Debbie, OC Parent


. . . Sometimes I feel like [OC] is my heart and soul.

-Olivia, OC Youth


I have no doubt that it is my experience at OC itself that stoked the flames of my . . . curiosity.

-Madeleine, OC Alumna
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