Open Connections

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Do you want to preserve and enhance your youth’s

natural curiosity? 


We are a forward-thinking educational organization offering programs for youth ages 2 through 18. Youth attend OC programs 2-3 days a week and OC co-directors work with families to help them design what their non-OC days will look like (if the family wishes for this support). We refer to this approach as Partnership Education, as OC and the family work together to create and implement a vibrant, diverse and comprehensive educational (and life!) experience. Guided by our values and principles we serve as a community base for young people and their families seeking an innovative, collaborative and Process Conscious educational environment. 


At Open Connections, we have a VISION of a world where all young people develop the foundation for a self-directed life of purpose and fulfillment. 

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Peter's Podium: The Story Behind the Value of Process Consciousness and How-tos


The Story Behind Process Consciousness and How-tos   One of the most valuable insights gained during my years as a consultant with Synectics, Inc.—the creative group problem-solving firm that...

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Group Tutorial II

Serving Ages 9-10

Group Tutorial II level programs are offered on two different days with two different focuses.     See separate descriptions below:  Tuesday - Humanities focus Thursday - Math and SciencE...