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PROSPECTIVE FAMILIES: Open Connections continues to be open, virtually. We recognize that springtime is often when prospective families tour the OC campus and come for an in-person interview. While our physical campus is closed for the time being, we ARE continuing to conduct interviews via Zoom or FaceTime. If you are considering enrollment for Fall 2020, we encourage you to take advantage of this option! To learn more about setting up a virtual interview, please click the "Inquire" link. We look forward to “meeting” you and showing you all that OC has to offer. Thank you for your interest in Open Connections! CURRENT FAMILIES: Please check your email for the kick-off schedule for distance learning!

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The OC Process

The OC Process

At Open Connections we engage in a wide variety of techniques to ensure that young people have the freedom to learn and create.


  • Avoidance of questions with hidden agendas
  • Emphasis on Real Work versus make-work
  • Reliance on experiential, hands-on learning
  • Development of Process Consciousness (how a process impacts on the quality of content/output, for better or for worse)
  • Treatment of all people as colleagues (minus the struggles of hierarchies)
  • Celebration of each other’s growth
  • Offer of developmentally appropriate opportunities for young people to contribute to the growth of Open Connections
  • Encouragement of the the use of imagination and wishfulness as components of Flexible Thinking
  • Emphasis on collaboration and synergy (vs. competition and negativity)
  • Treatment of adversity as opportunity
  • Finding the resources to achieve goals
  • OP CD activity

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All of the Open Programs reflect the essence of the Open Connections philosophy: a belief in Natural Learning, curiosity and the primacy of self-motivation, collaboration and the creative process....


I attribute much of the "idyllic childhood" of my youth . . . to time spent at OC.

-Kelly, OC Alumni Parent