Open Connections

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Who We Are

On a 28-acre farm/estate near Newtown Square, PA, Open Connections offers programs for young people ages 4 and up to develop their foundation for a purposeful, fulfilling and self-directed life.  Young people are usually at our location from 9:15 am to 2:15 pm or 4:00 pm for two or three days a week from mid-September to early June.


OC families include most of the full economic spectrum of families in our society today: two-parent, two-income couples; single parents, most of whom are employed part time; modest, middle and upper income families; and families with a home business. OC includes a similar variety of occupations and of religious, ethnic and racial backgrounds.


When not at OC, families follow a wide variety of approaches.  These are literally as varied as the families themselves, depending on each family’s philosophy and pedagogical approach.  Most families use a mix of strategies, and the balance can easily shift over time. This educational approach offers families flexibility, including the ability to pursue passions more fully, community-building, personalization, strengthening family ties and more.

I like that we have lots of time outside.  I enjoy being outside no matter what the weather is.    
~ OC youth
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"OC Speak" Glossary

What we mean when we say:

Flexible Thinking

Flexible Thinking is a term that grew from the concept of moving back and forth between Approximate and Precision Thinking modes when involved in problem solving.  Over time we have broadened it to apply more generically to the notion of “thinking outside the box.”  According to George Prince of Synectics, Precision Thinking is learned whereas Approximate Thinking is largely innate. Precision Thinking tends to take precedence as we grow older and are immersed in the world of “right and wrong.”  OC encourages youth to keep their Approximate Thinking muscles active, as Approximate Thinking often comes up with creative and innovative ideas.