Open Connections

  • Board of Directors October 2017

Jennifer Pohlhaus

Board Chair

Jennifer Pohlhaus is the Chair of the Open Connections Board of Directors and serves on the Executive Committee. Jennifer’s family has been a part of the OC Community since 2007.


Jennifer attended Moore College of Art and Design, where she earned her B.F.A. in Three Dimensional Fine Arts.  Jennifer is currently working towards a master’s degree in Public Administration from Villanova University.


In her day-to-day work, Jennifer is the Director of Multimedia Technologies at Villanova University, where she leads the Multimedia Technologies department, which is responsible for the creation of both academic and promotional multimedia content for the University and its various colleges. This content supports and promotes the educational mission of the University.


Jennifer is the mother of two youth, both of whom attend or have attended OC.

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Group Tutorial I

Serving Ages 7-8

Group Tutorial I programs for 7- to 8-year-olds are offered on two days each week with a different focus each day.   See separate descriptions below. Tuesday Group Tutorial I - Logic, Math...


EVERYTHING I have learned at OC will really help me in life.

-Hannah, OC youth