Open Connections

  • staff 2021-22

Allie Neilson


Allie facilitates the Open Program on Tuesdays.  She joined the OC Staff in 2018. Allie is an OC alumna and attended OC for 12 years, starting in the Open Program room at the original OC campus in Bryn Mawr. She stayed at OC throughout her entire educational journey, including the initial years of the Shaping Your Life program. Allie experienced OC with her siblings in her Group Tutorial Programs, and spent many happy years being facilitated at OC by both her mother, Diane Webber, and OC Co-founder Susan Shilcock. Allie's Open Connections experiences and relationships were formative.


Allie has been working with children for more than a decade in various capacities: baby-sitting, nannying full-time, facilitating after school programs in rural Tennessee, teaching at children’s gymnastic centers, and preschools. 


Allie attended Chestnut Hill College, working toward her teaching certificate in Montessori education. In connection with her education, she taught at multiple Montessori schools in Chester County. During this time Allie became amazed and enraptured with seeing how children’s minds learn and grow through daily tasks and situations. She watched them gain confidence when they were trusted to help with important tasks, and she watched their unparalleled joy over gaining new skill sets.


Allie is married to her “highschool” sweetheart, Billy Neilson, who is also an OC alum. They currently hold the title of the only married couple who both attended Open Connections as youths. They are the 3rd family to have 2nd generation OC attenders, as their youth now attend OC.