Open Connections

  • staff 2021-22

Carole Smith


Carole facilitates Group I on Thursdays. A graphic designer and watercolor painter, Carole lives in Media where she maintains a studio in her home. In the early years of her career, Carole worked for Instructo/McGraw Hill as an educational illustrator, developing educational materials for K-6. She left Instructo to start her own business and has enjoyed working creatively for a diverse group of clients since. 


Carole enjoys interacting with young people whenever she is given the opportunity. She has worked in the summer art program at Friend’s Central, shared her passion for art in educational settings and recently, she introduced preschoolers to new technologies through game playing and problem solving activities that were fun and creative.  


Balancing a creative life has always been important to her. Bringing creative solutions to her corporate clients has been fulfilling but for Carole it has always been important to make time to paint for herself. Over the last 10 years she has been exploring the philosophy and symbolism of Chinese brush painting and creating watercolors in the Chinese style as well as continuing to paint traditional western style watercolor. Being creative in any medium is fun and recently she has been playing with mosaics and beading.


Carole enjoys learning about and visiting other cultures and has been fortunate to travel for business as well as for pleasure. She is interested in history and ran a Bed & Breakfast in a 1715 Quaker farmhouse in Edgemont for 5 years. She is passionate about her garden and enjoys visiting gardens. She advocates and volunteers for the environment and a greener world.