Open Connections

  • 2019 Staff

Chris McNichol

Property Manager, Facilitator

Chris  is the Property Manager/Grounds Keeper at OC, as well as a Facilitator for the Choice Programs on Wednesday and Thursday Group Tutorial II.  Chris is also the general Woodshop mentor. Chris joined Open Connections in the spring of 2008 and continues to combine many of his interests while working in a community that reflects so many of his personal values and goals.


Chris is a Pennsylvania Master Naturalist and is passionate about the outdoors. Chris grew up in Springfield, PA, and later moved to Rising Sun, MD. After high school, he attended the University of Delaware and studied biology before leaving school to work with his family in the trucking industry, where he held several positions including overseeing the diesel repair shop. In January, 2000, Chris and his wife, Amy Johnson, started Red Hill Farm, a community-supported agriculture farm in Aston, PA. During his time there he managed the installation of a 10-kilowatt solar system that provides more than enough power for the entire farm.


Chris lives in Media with Amy and their two wonderful girls, Hannah and Norah (both OC youth). In his spare time, Chris enjoys hunting and fishing, woodworking, playing guitar and the African djembe, beekeeping, camping, restoring old cars (including a 1951 Chevy pickup and a 1978 Land Cruiser), fixing up his house and blacksmithing.