Open Connections

  • 2019 Staff

Julia Bergson-Shilcock


Julia is one of the Co-Directors of Open Connections. Julia's main focus areas include: developing and running OC's staff training sessions; supporting OC families as they create and navigate through their educational journeys; touring and interviewing prospective families; conducting workshops; providing educational consulting services to both OC and non-OC families.


Julia graduated from Arcadia University with a degree in sociology. She has worked with hundreds of youth in addition to her many years at OC, including volunteering for several years in a Philadelphia public school, serving as a private tutor, and leading numerous summer camps.


A life-long self-directed learner, Julia came to Open Connections for the first time on the day she was born (at the Birth Center in Bryn Mawr), and no sooner had she grown too old for our programs than she became an Intern, then a Facilitator (part-time during her college career). She now is following in her parents' (Peter Bergson and Susan Shilcock) footsteps and is a Co-Director here at OC.


Julia loves cooking healthy meals; reading articles, blogs and research focusing on progressive education; interior decorating; and watching the faces of young people when they have those "ah-ha" moments of insight.


Julia and her husband's (Mike Hilbert) young people all attend programs at OC.