Open Connections

  • 2019 Staff

Lisa Huis

Facilitator, Board Member

Lisa is a Facilitator in the Monday Open Program and in Group Tutorial III on Tuesdays. Lisa rejoined the staff in 2018. She has previously facilitated various OC programs, including a year of Group Tutorial, several Choice and Shaping Your Life sessions and various Parents’ Meetings. She has been a part of the Open Connections family for almost two decades. Lisa has created many fabric- and pie crust-related projects on and off campus with collaborators of all ages.


Lisa attended Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA where she earned a double major in Psychology and Fine Arts. Lisa loves to be a connector of people and is currently working with Julia [Bergson-Shilcock, Co-Director] on the Committee of Trustees to strengthen the Board and ensure the future health of Open Connections.


When she is not working on OC projects, Lisa loves spending time with her family, sewing, singing, dancing, exercising and baking. Lisa is mom to 3 OC alumni.