Open Connections

  • 2019 Staff

Meghan Pizzica

Parent Resourcer

Meghan is a Parent-Resourcer in the Thursday Open Program. She joined the staff in 2019.  Her family has been a part of the OC community since 2017.


Meghan grew up in Malvern and attended Penn State for her undergraduate degree in Communications. She spent ten years working in project management, marketing, and sales before taking a break to focus on her family. From the beginning, she loved being with her young people and thought she would give homeschooling a try. Seven years later, she continues to learn and grow alongside of her family. 



Meghan has taught several homeschooling classes at various coops since embarking on the alternative education path. She has had the opportunity to support uniquely-abled young people and help them see themselves as capable, life-long learners. Over the past several years, she has developed a passion for history, science, and literature. Most recently, Meghan has become a coach for the Great Valley Mountain Biking Club. Meghan’s two young people attend OC.