Open Connections

  • staff 20.21

Michelle West


Michelle is a Facilitator in the Thursday Group Tutorial II program. Michelle's family joined the OC community in 2016 and Michelle joined the staff in 2020. Michelle continues to work on nurturing our community through the OC Parent Connections Group.


Michelle received a BA in Anthropology from The George Washington University, an M.Ed in Secondary Education from West Chester University and a TESL certification from Juniata College.  She lived in La Paz, Bolivia; Guadalajara, Mexico; and Otavalo, Ecuador during her undergraduate and graduate studies.  She has traveled a whole lot in the Spanish-speaking world, a little bit in Southeast Asia and shockingly little beyond the East Coast of the US. She appreciates that many adventures are still ahead of her.


Michelle met her husband, Jeremy, many years ago in the kitchen of a fancy restaurant where they both worked, and they still love sharing food and hospitality with the world. When Michelle’s not working at their family restaurant, Bittersweet Kitchen, she can be found reading, laughing with friends and fighting for social justice. Michelle and Jeremy’s three youth all attend OC programs.