Open Connections

  • 2019 Staff

Mollie Allen

Substitute Facilitator

Mollie is a Visiting Artist and Substitue Facilitator.  She retired from facilitating regularly in 2019 to focus on her art.  Mollie joined the staff in 2004.


Mollie studied art at Moore College of Art and earned an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education from Cabrini College. She began her career as a teacher’s aide in a pre-school, then instructional aide in a second-grade class. After that, she worked as a teacher in a Montessori pre-school for three years. She enjoys continuing education classes in painting and sculpture at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts during her summers. She and her husband, Blake, are the parents of two grown daughters, Chelsea and Shay (OC Alumna).


Mollie’s active interests range from her love of the outdoors (including walking, hiking, biking, and gardening) to yoga, reading, drawing, writing, painting, exploring clay with young people and music. She spent ten years as a singer in a local band creating original music with her husband and several siblings. The group enjoyed radio play and numerous travels from New York City to Georgia.


Believing strongly in the theory of Multiple Intelligences and alternative ways of learning, Mollie and family found their way to Open Connections, which has provided the Open Education atmosphere sought after and much, much more.