Open Connections

  • 2019 Staff

Niko Marks

Substitute Facilitator

Niko is a Visiting Artist in the in the Wednesday Choice programs this year.  He joined the staff in 2018.


Niko initially came to OC in 2002 along with his 3 brothers (Julian, Kaya, Roper), who each discovered creative outlets through OC and its community - from music, to film-making, to coding, to woodworking and design. Niko graduated from Open Connections in 2013 and went on to attend The University of the Arts where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. In addition to working at OC, he is also working in graphic design for musicians, as well as independent design and craft projects.


In returning to OC, he hopes to carry his familiarity with design process, as well as his knowledge of digital and analog making techniques to the entire OC community - staff and youth alike. Niko’s strong tech and design background means that you will likely find him creating and problem-solving in OC’s new Makerspace.


Outside of design, Niko’s time is typically spent writing music, camping and exploring PA’s wilderness, and cooking and/or inhaling delicious vegan food. He lives in West Philadelphia, PA.