Open Connections

  • staff 2021-22

Sarah Becker

Assistant Director, Facilitator

Sarah Becker is OC’s Assistant Director. she facilitates on Tuesdays in Group IV and SYL, on Wednesdays she's in the Choice Programs and then on Thursdays she facilitates in the Open Program. Sarah joined the OC staff in 2021 and works to further the mission of Open Connections through her work which is focused on Admissions, Marketing, Development, and Information Technology. 


Sarah is no stranger to the world of self-directed education. Her early influences were as an undergraduate when she was helping care for youth in a self-directed family. Sarah came to us from Villanova University where she had been working in information technology for the previous 8 years, focusing primarily on multimedia production and marketing.


Sarah herself is a lifelong learner who has continued her education most recently through earning two master's degrees, one in Peace and Justice (with a focus on making self-directed education accessible to more families) and the other in Public Administration (with a focus on non-profit management). Sarah is involved with supporting self-directed learners in the Philadelphia area, including her own youth. She currently serves on the boards of two self-directed learning organizations, the Philly Free School and Philly Agile Learning Center, and has been involved with several initiatives, from fundraising to marketing and beyond.


Sarah enjoys exploring parks, camping, playing with her dog, Hoagie, and trying new cheeses in her free time. Sarah and her spouse, Justin, have three young people, Evelyn, Jude, and Magnolia, who are all engaged in their own self-directed learning paths which currently include involvement in Philly ALC and Open Connections!